Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.2.760.0

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Symantec Endpoint Protection با جمع آوری تمام ابزارهای مورد نیاز برای حفاظت از سیستم به کاربران توانایی برقرار نمودن امنیت مناسب را می دهد.

امکانات Symantec Endpoint Protection

دارا بودن آنتی ویروس Symantec به همراه فایروال
امکان تشخیص نفوذهای داخل به خارج و برعکس
کنترل برنامه های سیستم در دسترسی به اینترنت
کنترل دسترسی های به سیستم شما از کامپیوترهای شبکه
امکان کار و مدیریت و Update برنامه توسط سرور
کنترل سخت افزارها و قطعات ورودی و خروجی سیستم
امکان شناسایی برنامه های جاسوسی و مخرب

Only Symantec can secure your endpoints via one single agent to:
• Beat crippling ransomware and unknown attacks with multilayered protection that combines signatureless and critical endpoint technologies.
• Maximize protection and minimize false positives with advanced machine learning and behavioral analysis.
• Block zero-day attacks that prey on memory-based vulnerabilities in popular applications with memory exploit mitigation.
• Fine-tune your detection engines on the fly to optimize your security posture.

Phish the Phishers with Deception
• Detect attackers by luring them into a decoy minefield.
• Reveal their intent, tactics, and targets—so security teams can pre-emptively adapt their security posture.
• Set the trap as simply as flipping a switch.

Cage Your Vulnerabilities. Unleash Your Applications.
• Auto-classify risk levels of all endpoint applications, whether or not they’re in use.
• Use application isolation to limit exploits.
• Implement hardening in minutes with an intuitive cloud console.

Attack Your Stack to Kill Complexity
• Detect and respond to threats anywhere by integrating SEP with network security infrastructure.
• Built-in integration delivers prevention, Detection and Response (EDR), Deception, and Hardening with one single agent.
• Use open APIs to coordinate with existing IT infrastructure for automation and orchestration.

Stronger, Faster, Lighter
• Reduces bandwidth usage and definition file sizes by 70 percent compared to SEP 12.
• Enables faster scanning times using our proprietary real-time cloud lookup.
• Reduces IT resource use via automated updates to lower costs.

System Requirements:
– Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016.

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